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How to make money on SwagBucks

Swagbucks have a lot more than many people know! But it is important to know where to spend time. Our Swagbucks review shows the best ways to make money.

Swagbucks is a portal giving users reward points for merely completing online activities, such as web search, video views, and polls.

You are going to be’ paid’ for’ SBs’ in Swagbucks points, then you can pay for gift cards or money. Over 1,500 retailers, including Amazon, Starbucks, Argos, M&S and iTunes, offer their gift cards.

But if you want to make Swagbucks money, you have the option of transferring points into your PayPal account in cash.

So, how much you can earn?

A $5 Amazon gift card costs you 620 SB, and you’ll need to pay up to 16.000 SB in cash (via PayPal) for $100 to give you an idea of what SB points mean.

Yet they multiply faster than you would expect as Swagbucks are looped into so many projects and events–and potentially already so many!

Here are some of the main ways your Swagbucks can build up.

Consider the default search engine Swagbucks

The best way to start acquired is for a search engine (instead of Google or Bing) to turn to Swagbucks.

You will continue to immediately pick up points only to surf the web as normal, but instead use their browser (for efficiency reasons, it’s Yahoo races, so don’t sweat!).

For every 10-20 searches, you can approximate a total of about 10–20 SB points, but the final total depends on the search query. This can amount to about $300 following six months of daily looking.

Watch clips instead

After viewing a few videos you can really gain Swagbucks money.

The payouts are not so big here, but you get paid for it! The content you are emailing for viewing varies enormously, from ads to news and viral clips.

You can also do a sly job and actually keep videos running in the background when you go on with other things (no way you will test it!), when you’re genuinely unenthused by the stuff you’ve been sent.

Ensure that two or three sbs will be won per playlist (usually 15–30 minutes) and that there is an increase of 150 sbs per day for each mission.

Download your phone apps and games

You can get a huge variety of points to get certain software on your handset, tablet or computer, to download, update and launch.

While you may sometimes be honored to just install the app, you typically have to do some kind of action. Whether it is in a game or depositing cash.

Such opportunities often come through one of Swagbuck’s (Revu or Fyber) partners, but in Swagbucks, you still get paid. Usually, several hundred SBs depending on the bid, if not more.

But as always, first of all we would suggest adhering to the free apps. There’s no point in getting Swagbucks by downloading or using an app.

Fill interview surveys and polls

Wealthy in time but low in cash? Completing a number of short interviews every single day by Swagbucks can be a very nice small payer.

This usually takes 3 to 20 minutes and, depending on the sample, you can earn between 40–100 SB. A daily poll will also take two seconds to complete and you will get an extra SB.

Pay and get cashback online

Now, we’d definitely not suggest shopping online just for more points (again, wouldn’t it make sense, wouldn’t it?). If you want to order something online, go through the Swagbucks website and cash in a couple of points. It’s similar to other traditional cashbacks.

Order from Just Eat, Argos, Tui, Carphone Warehouse, Tesco, Currys PC World and even from Hotels.com, for easy SBs. So before you leave your capital, check quickly to find out if you are a Swagbuck employee.

You can, for example, use Swagbucks to access the website, instead of going directly to arrange a holiday by hidden escape and you will receive 5 SB per $1 spent. 
Since holidays are often a fair price, you can earn tons of points which can be turned into awards or money later.

Look out for Swag keys

To accept’ Swag Codes ‘ updates as soon as they become available, search and install the SwagButton plugin expansion (for 50SB deployment only!).

Swag codes are just codewords or phrases the company makes available to you in order to get back on the website again.

You will locate the code on the Swagbucks site, Twitter or Facebook Page from updates from your browser extension, and then enter the’ Swag code’ box on the left sidebar of this page. The details you get are included on the web page. Super simple SB points instant!

Fulfill routine goals

To your left, a list of eight different daily activities will show you that the platform advises that you complete.

This will not only earn you points for every performed job but will also gain bonus points if you check everything scheduled on your list (or a smaller extra if at least 6 of the 8 chores were completed).

Likewise, the site will set you a target number of SBs that you want for this day when you turn the “daily goal” option on Swagbucks (you’ll see the button at the headers). When you achieve your goal, any additional bonus points will be added to your score!

Again, however, don’t spend actual money for the ‘ Day deal, ‘ unless you really care about it. The SBs that you receive in return is much less worth than your money!

Enjoy online and mobile gaming

The addiction of mobile gaming will finally pay off!

In addition to paying for uploading and playing games, there are also some games by Swagbucks themselves (you should know which ones they are because they all have Swag’s…).

Up to ten SB can be earned per game only for a whirl. But, some games are asking you to reach at a certain stage before you can gain some SBs.

You would probably want to try Swagbucks Live. One of the few live test games left, once they were the next big thing. Trivia? Anyone? Mind this if general knowledge is more your thing.

You can participate in the game and download the app. It’s free. Like most live test applications, your objective is to answer several questions correctly. Answer the final question, and you will earn a share in the overall reward capital, (Swagbucks points equivalent to maximum $500), but you will be disqualified if you get one incorrect answer.

Practice can make some of the questions offensive, so we suggest that your mates be directed to the app. Each time you get someone to sign, you get a free’ rejoin’ which, when you’re knocked out, throws you back into the game.

So, you have now the chance to go out and sign up for Swagbucks so that you get SBs automatically. You have nothing to lose and plenty of incentives waiting to be snapped up. Joining it’s absolutely free.

Only make sure that you don’t allow high SB spots to draw you in the money you won’t pay anyway. It would otherwise be a wrong economic strategy!


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