Products / Services Returns

Digital products are only transferred electronically (to the e-mail address specified in the Order), so they do not have a physical form that can be delivered to the Customer. Payment for digital products is made exclusively online (bank card), and cash on delivery is not possible. After purchase, the digital products will also be listed in the Client’s account.

It is the Customer’s obligation and responsibility to verify the compatibility information and instructions available on the site and to ensure that the digital products they intend to purchase are compatible with the devices they intend to use, before purchase.

To the extent that the Customer has received a valid download link, according to the Order placed on the site, it will be considered that the service has obliged to provide has been fulfilled and accepted by the Client.

The download links provided to the Customer may not be withdrawn once they have been sent and, to the extent that they are functional under the conditions and for the devices specified on the site, it will be deemed that has fulfilled all its obligations towards the Client. In these situations, returning the value of these services is not possible.

If the Customer purchases a digital product that is not compatible with the device and / or this incompatibility is publicly specified on the site, returning the value of the products shall not be possible as long as the Customer has been provided a valid download link that is functional in the conditions specified on the site.

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